Doctor Ivo Robotnik, better known by the alias Doctor Eggman, is an obese scientist with an IQ of 300; he has a dream of dominating the planet Mobius. Eggman's constant plots to create his Empire are endlessly thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog , his arch-enemy, and Sonic's friends.


Before SMBZEdit

Early LifeEdit

1966 A.D. Ivo Robotnik is born. In childhood, the young Ivo Robotnik looked up to his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik , and believed him to be a great man, who had done his best to help mankind and was unfairly executed. From this, the young Ivo likely viewed the government as corrupt, and in any case, decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps to become a scientist. But somewhere along the line, he became obsessed with the idea of a world under his rule, and using his unmatched mechanical genius, began his plans.

Quest for PowerEdit

Finally in February 2004, Dr Robotnik launch his first of many campaigns to take over Mobius. He attempted to conquer the world by robotizing the animals of South Island, turning them into robots called Robotnik's Badnik, and obtaining the powerful Chaos Emeralds. His plan are ruined by Sonic the Hedgehog. After this defeat, he focus on his space station: The Death Egg.

After the construction of the Death Egg is completed he work on a metal version of sonic, known as Silver Sonic.

January 2005, Eggman attacks West Island, and robotizing the animals that are there and goes after the Chaos Emeralds again. He is intercepted by Sonic and Tails who saved the animals and retrieved 6 of 7 Chaos Emeralds before the evil scientist. He obtains one Emerald and puts it in Silver Sonic. Sonic raided the Death Egg, fights Silver Sonic, becomes Super Sonic and heavily damages the Death Egg, causing it to fall down to Mobius. Robotnik managed to land the Death Egg on the legendary Angel Island and tricked the island’s guardian, Knuckles the Echidna into thinking Sonic and Tails are villains after the powerful Master Emerald that Knuckles protects with his life. Knuckles steals the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic and hinders the hedgehog throughout his journey. But Robotnik is again defeated again when Sonic rushes to the Launch Base Zone and prevents the Death Egg from re-launching. Robotnik manages to steal the Master Emerald during a fight between Sonic and Knuckles and gets the Death Egg into space once again. With help from now-ally Knuckles, Sonic is able to chase the Doctor into space and Sonic heavily damages the Death Egg again but is unable to send it crashing down again. Robotnik makes one last chance to escape with the Master Emerald, but is defeated by Hyper Sonic, and his ambition once again thwarted.

The Ultimate Life-formEdit

Sometime Later, Dr. Eggman discovered the existence of Project Shadow by accidentally coming across the long-forgotten diary of his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik . In the diary, the professor spoke of a classified military research project that was shut down because the United Federation government feared its misuse. Eager to see just what his childhood hero had produced, Eggman found that the weapon was stored away on Prison Island, a military compound controlled by G.U.N.

Dr. Eggman attacked Prison Island and broke into the underground base with his new Egg Walker. Happening upon the cryogenic vault where Prof. Gerald's weapon was sealed, Eggman used his grandfather's password: MARIA, the name of Gerald's granddaughter and Eggman's late cousin, then inserted a Chaos Emerald into the control console (where he got the Emerald is unknown). The vault opened, releasing the ultimate life-form: Shadow the Hedgehog

Eggman mistook Shadow for Sonic at first glance, but Shadow , in gratitude for being released, offered to grant Eggman one wish. Their meeting was interrupted by one of G.U.N.'s Big Foot mechas, which Shadow quickly engaged and easily destroyed. Shadow then fled Prison Island, telling Eggman to bring him more Chaos Emeralds and that he would be waiting aboard the Space Colony ARK.

Eggman headed back to his pyramid base and encountered Rouge the Bat and Knuckles the Echidna along the way, who were fighting over the Master Emerald. Eggman attempted to steal it, but Knuckles shattered it to pieces to prevent its theft. Not really needing the Master Emerald at that time, Eggman returned to his base and caught up on the news. A newsflash announcing the theft of a Chaos Emerald from central City's federal reserve bank caught the doctor's attention, and although the media and public had identified the suspect as Sonic, Eggman knew it could only be Shadow.

Using his base's space transporter, Dr. Eggman beamed himself to the Space Colony ARK to meet with Shadow. There, Shadow revealed the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon of mass destruction capable of destroying a planet or piercing a star. The cannon required the seven Chaos Emeralds to meet its immense power demands, and two had already been installed. Rouge the Bat - who had boarded the ARK by sneaking into Eggman's pyramid and accessing his transporter - had provided a third emerald for the Eclipse Cannon. Although Eggman was suspicious of her motives, she had provided another emerald and was offering to help him obtain the others. Eggman agreed to let Rouge join him and Shadow in their hunt.

Three more Chaos Emeralds were discovered on Prison Island, locked away in G.U.N.'s high-security vault. Dr. Eggman organized a strategy that would allow him and his cohorts to obtain them. His part in the plan was to divert G.U.N.'s forces so that Rouge could enter the vaults unnoticed and Shadow could plant high explosives in the armoury. When the trio made their move, they were interrupted by the untimely arrival of Amy Rose , who had mistaken Shadow for Sonic . Eggman moved in to try and kill Amy but was stopped by Tails and his new Cyclone walker. Running on a strict timetable, Eggman let Tails and Amy live and made his escape.

The mission was a success despite certain delays and the group succeeded in stealing the Chaos Emeralds and destroying the G.U.N. base. With six Chaos Emeralds now powering the Eclipse Cannon, Dr. Eggman announced to the world that the Eggman Empire would arise and dominate the planet. To prove his power, Eggman pointed the Eclipse Cannon at the moon and fired, blowing it in half. Eggman then delivered his ultimatum to the President of the United Federation: the UF had 24 hours to surrender or Eggman would destroy the entire country. While delivering his ultimatum, Sonic intervened and discovered where Eggman was hiding.

When Sonic and his friends attacked Dr. Eggman's pyramid, the doctor unleashed his mighty Egg Golem robot to destroy Sonic. A battle ensued and Sonic damaged a restraining mechanism on the giant's head, causing it to malfunction and attack Eggman. Eggman was forced to defend himself and destroy the Egg Golem, giving Sonic's gang the time they needed to hijack the doctor's space shuttle. Eggman later returned to the ARK after detecting two Chaos Emerald signatures, believing that Sonic must have a decoy as well as the real one. When he returned to the colony, Eggman took Amy Rose hostage and held her at gunpoint, demanding that Sonic and Tails meet him in the ARK's main laboratory. When they arrived, Eggman ordered Sonic to place the Chaos Emerald in the centre of the room. Believing it to be the fake emerald, Eggman then sprung his trap and sealed Sonic inside a containment capsule. The capsule was ejected into space where it exploded, supposedly killing Sonic.

With his arch-rival out of the way, Eggman turned his attention to Tails and the two battled each other in their walkers. Eggman managed to come out of the fight with the real Chaos Emerald and installed it into the Eclipse Cannon. As he laughed in triumph, danger signs appeared on every monitor on the colony, followed by an image of the late Gerald Robotnik . A message left behind by the professor stated that the world had sentenced him to death, and that he would have his revenge by destroying the Earth. A program within the colony's main computer had been activated which would destabilize the ARK's orbit and send it crashing into the planet, wiping out all life.

Eggman convened with the heroes (and was quite annoyed to see that Sonic was still alive) and showed them Gerald's diary. He then informed them that the Eclipse Cannon's core had overloaded with Chaos energy and the collision would obliterate the entire planet. The doctor was the one who suggested that they all work together to try and neutralize the Chaos Emeralds and stop the ARK's collision. Of course, this was no doubt due to the fact that Eggman couldn't take over the world if there's no world. With Eggman monitoring the ARK's layout and guiding the others down their respective paths, he, Sonic and the others managed to stop the ARK and save the world from certain doom.

Metal SonicEdit

After the Defeat of Silver Sonic, Dr Robitnik has built several other versions of him before resting on Metal Sonic, A well resembling robotic Sonic. Metal can also perform many of Sonic's moves, including his homing attack. Metal Sonic is an aggressive, power hungry and very cold-hearted. For a long time he has acted more or less as Dr. Eggman's slave.Sonic fought Metal countless times, and has been defeated everytime. Metal Sonic would return more powerful after each defeat.

Then finally, one night on the Death Egg, things took a turn for the worst, Metal Sonic fused with the older robotatic Sonic models and becomes Turbo Mecha Sonic. Mecha Sonic goes berserk and destroyed the Death Egg, after being threatin to be deactiveted by Eggman. As the Death Egg falls towards Mobius, Robotnik flees to a interdimensional travel capsuel that take him to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once there, King Bowser Koopa finds him and employes him to build Mecha Mario and the Omega Doomship.

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He is a short-tempered, loud, pompous and cruel evil genius who is constantly planning to take over the world. However, his plans have always failed thanks to Sonic and his allies. Despite his intelligence, Dr. Eggman is horribly immature, throwing temper tantrums when Sonic throws the proverbial wrench into his plans, and, at times, seems to overlook crucial details in his plans. However, despite his desire for world domination, he does have a human side, and does not appreciate senseless destruction and killing, though he seems to have no problem doing so himself at times