Heroes Come Back





Air Date:

Part 1: August 1st 2008

Part 2: August 7th 2008

The PlotEdit

The episode starts with the screen telling you the Wario Bros Z: Rhyhorn warburton Joe from Family Guy are resting after many long battles (most likely the battles that happened in Super Mario Bros. Z) and that the Chaos Emeralds were layed to rest and peace was restored but it warns you of a old evil rising, showing Bowser. The screens pans away then showing Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower and Knuckles the Echidna getting beat up by Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat. After deciding not to fight back, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles leave Mobius to go to Mushroom Kingdom. Going back to the Mario Bros. house, Mario gets a mysterious letter and after reading it, he and Luigi go to Princess Peach to see if she knows anything about it. Back in Mobius, Shadow knows Sonic left and he, Rouge and Amy decide to pursue him and the others to the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Mario Bros. arrive at Peach's Castle and tell Peach about the mysterious letter, she reads it, revealing that a darkness is coming and that the Chaos Emerals should be collected along with the key. It then reads P.S. Princess Peach,' I will see you soon!'. E. Gadd then appears and shows them he has a Chaos Emerald, he then states when they appear they mean trouble so he made a radar to collect them and also keep in contact and show party stats, the radar is a Nintendo DS Lite. He gives them his Emerald saying he doesnt want someone like Mecha Sonic after him (a reference to SMBZ) and the Mario Bros. leave on their quest. E. Gadd activates his radar to only find out Yoshi is in trouble. Shadow is attacking to know where the Chao Emerald is. Just when he's about to lose his patience with Yoshi and kill him, Amy stops him as he promised her only Sonic would get hurt, nowone else, so he stops. He kicks him away, Shadow stating he doesnt need him and that he can sence a Chaos Emeralds presence. Rouge asks then why did he attack Yoshi in the first place. He says he cant pinpoint the exact location of one but Yoshi can. Suddenly Shadow senses the Mario Bros. nearby and panic's. Mario and Luigi flying in the sky (in their Cape Forms) find pinpoint Yoshi's location Shadow tries to dispose of Yoshi but Amy intervens but then Mario hits a Koopa Shell at Shadow. They save and immediatly engage in a 3 vs 3 battle. The Mario Bros. and Yoshi win and they level up. In the distance Sonic, Tails and Knuckles had been watching the fight, Sonic says they should get them out of there before Shadow goes into his Super Form. The three quickly grab Mario, Luigi and Yoshi and bring them to a safe place. Shadow, Amy and Rouge get up feeling humiliated and want revenge, Shadow also pointing out that Sonic must be with them now. Meanwhile, Sonic realizes Mario and co. were wining against Shadow. Sonic says that Shadow would have still got the better of them with his Super Form. Knuckles questions Sonic on why didnt they fight Shadow in Mobius and why how can they stop Shadow, Amy and Rouge if they cant fight them. Sonic merely states "I got a plan"

Character AppearencesEdit

Sonic The Hedgehog (1st)

Miles ''Tails'' Prower (1st)

Knuckles The Echinda (1st)

Shadow The Hedgehog (1st)

Rouge The Bat (1st)

Amy Rose (1st)

Mario (1st)

Luigi (1st)

Yoshi (1st)

Bowser (1st)

Princess Peach (1st)

Professor E. Gadd (1st)

Toadsworth (Mentioned only)


Ep.1 Pic 7

You must find the Emeralds

Ep.1 Pic 6

Meeting with Princess Peach

Ep.1 Pic 5

Where is Sonic?

Ep.1 Pic 4

The mysterious letter

Ep.1 Pic 3

The Battle at Mobius

Ep. 1 Pic 2

Title Screen

Ep. 1 Pic 1

Bowser returns


  • Unlike the series it spin's off from, Mega Sonic Bros. AF is made with Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.
  • The new machine by E.Gadd is a DS, instead of a Gameboy like in Super Mario Bros. Z.
  • Toadsworth apparently will make no appearence in the series, despite being mentioned in Episode 1.
  • It is said that Sonic and Friends went back to there world and that Tails and Knuckles had no idea of the events in Super Mario Bros. Z or Nintegaball GT.
  • After this Episode, Professor E.Gadd makes no more appearences, but still appears in the old intro.
  • Amy is now a member of Team Dark (called Team Shadow in this series), replacing E-123 Omega, however in Episode 3 Shadow says he simply wants to fight her to test his own power.