Episode 2 is the 2nd Episode of Mega Sonic Bros. AF, It is titled "Conflict Arises". The first 1/2 debuted on September 25th 2008 on Youtube. The second 2/2 debuted on November 24th 2008 on Youtube aswel


The story begins with Bowser sitting in his throne, but is interrupted by his son, Bowser Jr. , but then Bowser's Mysteroius Assistsant , talked to him about that he finished the robots Bowser ordered to be fixed up, and that he sent his son to tell him about it. He then showed Bowser the three Mecha's . He first showed King Koopa Mecha Sonic, and Mecha Shadow, but then showed him the faster, smarter, and more powerful new robot, Mecha Knuckles. Bowser then tells his partner to wait for the Chaos Emerald to be given to him, that Bowser found, and first Bowser would need to see what his new contructed warriors will do. Then at Princess Peach's Castle , the Heroes and Princess Peach , Princess Dasiy and Princess Rosalina have a renounion oof seeing each other again, but then Peach asks Sonic about the Chaos Emeralds , and Sonic explains his story: After the defeat of Mecha Sonic, Sonic, Tails , and Knuckles leave home in order to train, but after some serious hits from Tails and Knuckles, Sonic turns into Super Sonic and becomes more power, but then the defeat of his friends by Mecha Sonic calmed him down, and he told them it was time to go home. But as they leave they are confronted by Shadow , because of them not finishing their battle, but then Amy appears which shocks Sonic, because Sonic left Amy for a year, and Rouge came in for the Chaos Emeralds. But after a breif battle with Shadow, Sonic teleports the Chaos Emeralds to the Mushroom Kingdom , except the Green Emerald. The Sonic Team then had to battle the Shadow Team in order for Shadow's rampage to stop.