Episode 5 is the 5th Episode of Wario Bros Z: Waluigi vs Nidoking sagal Futurama: Lila It is titled "The Master Plan". The first 1/3 debuted on October 25th 2010 on Youtube.


Starting where Episode 4 left off, Zero engages Phantom in battle. After a quick fight, Zero gains the upper hand
Screenshot Ep 5
against Phantom and holds him at gunpoint and asks why he followed him, Phantom then hits him back and then unleashes his true powers. Phantom then reveals it was Harpuia who sent him to kill Zero for leaving Master X's side. After this, Phantom says he isn't able to kill Zero, so instead he banishes him using the Gate of Destiny. As Zero's fate is left unknown, Phantom regrets having to do what he did and wishes luck to Zero, where ever he is. Meanwhile, Amy and Tails look for the robots that helped them fight the Mecha's. Tails finds them but can not repair them due to their advancd wiring and Amy also finds a worn out Mario . Sonic, Knuckles and Luigi arrive and Luigi gives a Menzu Bean to Mario. After Sonic finds out Mecha Sonic is back Knuckles concludes they need a Master Plan. Somewhere in Willy's Castle, Cream manages to escape from Wily's Lab by dodging all of Wily's guards including Sentinel. Cream manages to get out, but Sentinel follows her. However, Sentinel is suddenly destroyed by a mysterious assailant who Cream quickly thanks, but then she's knocked out cold by the assailant who of which seems to be all too familiar,Meanwhile in the preview,shadow is searching for something,but gets attacked by Misty the hedgehog,who calls Shadow sensei........