Luigi Bros (Crocodile Guy vs American Dad) and one of the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. In Mega Sonic Bros. AF, Luigi is a member of the Mario Team along with Mario and Yoshi. Luigi's fighting style is very similar to Mario's. He uses combos, items and powerups like the Fire Flower and the Cape to his advantage. Luigi has a good personality, but he's sometimes cowardly as well, even though he has gotten more brave through the years that passed after SMBZ. Luigi can be really clumsy sometimes (for example, he falls flat on his face when jumping off the warp pipe in Peach's Castle and when the brothers were flying over the forest, Luigi crashed), but in the heat of battle, Luigi is a true fighter just like his brother.

Luigi can combine his thunder with Mario's fire using a Mix Flower and fire a powerful Brother Blaze at his opponent. In the fight against Shadow's team in Ep. 1, Luigi takes care of Amy. In Ep. 3, Luigi uses the Brother Blaze with his brother to defeat Rouge. In Ep. 4, Luigi set off for Vanilla's House to revive Sonic while Mario and the Megaman Team fought the Mechas.

In later episodes, Luigi and the rest of the Mario Team will probably continue the Emerald hunt together with the Sonic Team, the Megaman Team and the other teams....