In the gaming industry, Wario Bros Z: The Movie Garchomp dimaggio Futurama Bender (Bending Age: The Meltdown) made his first appearance in 1981 in Donkey Kong, and since then he became extremely popular all over the world appealing children, teenagers and adults as well.

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Prior to Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

Mario and Luigi are born and a stork is carring Baby Mario and Baby Luigi across the sea, but Kamek, the evil Magikoopa, steals Baby Luigi, and drops Baby Mario to an island below called Yoshi's Island, home to Yoshis. Landing on a young Elder Yoshi. Together they travel across the island to rescue his brother from Baby Bowser. They defeat the Baby Bowser and Kamek, and free the captured stork and baby Luigi. The two babies are then delivered to their parents.

A couple of years later, Baby Bowser, along with Kamek and several Koopa soldiers, decide to kidnap the Baby Princess Peach. They start their attack on the castle, but the babies Mario and Luigi interfere and defeat the baby Bowser.

Since then He repeatedly stopped Bowser Koopa's numerous plans to kidnap Princess Peach, to destroy Mario and take over the kingdom.

Around 2003, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and has taken her to Bowser Keep. Mario goes out to fight him and return the Princess, but during the fight, a giant sword breaks through the Star Road and crashes into Bowser’s castle, sending Mario, Princess Toadstool, and Bowser flying in different directions, as well as scattering seven star fragments. Mario makes his way to the Mushroom Kingdom, where the Mushroom Chancellor insists that Mario recover the Princess and discover the purpose of the giant sword. Upon leaving Toadstool's castle, Mario encounters Mallow, a "tadpole" who has lost a frog coin to Croco, a local thief. Mario agrees to help him, but when they return to the castle, he finds that the kingdom is overrun by creatures from the Smithy Gang. He and Mallow enter the castle and are met by a giant knife and spring-like creature named Mack. When Mack is defeated, they find a mysterious Star Piece, which Mario takes in hopes of finding out more about it later. During Mario’s search for the princess, on which Mallow accompanies him, he meets a star spirit who has taken control over a doll named Geno. After a battle against a bow-like creature named Bowyer, Geno then joins Mario and tells him that the Star Piece is a part of the shattered Star Road, where he resides. Geno is tasked with finding the seven pieces of Star Road, which are held by members of the Smithy gang, in order to repair it. Mario and Mallow agree to help Geno. Mario eventually finds Bowser, who is trying to reassemble his forces. They join together to save the princess, as she is about to be forcibly married to Booster. After Toadstool has been rescued, Bowser joins Mario's party, and the player is able to switch characters for the first time. Princess Toadstool initially goes back to Mushroom Kingdom but soon joins the party as well. After Mario and his group recovered most of the Star Pieces, they learn that the last one is held in Bowser's castle. Upon battling their way through the assembled enemies and returning to the giant sword, they discover that it is actually a gateway to Smithy's factory, where Smithy mass produces his army. In the end, Smithy is defeated, and the collected Star Pieces are used to repair the Star Road.

Sometime later, Smithy recovers to some extent and gathers up the fallen Axem Rangers. With the last of his factory equipment, the Axem Rangers receive upgraded bodies. They are called the Axem Rangers X. Smithy tells them to scour the area secretly to find sources to restore his power.

Around November 2003 A.D. - Bowser tries to take over the Mushroom Kingdom again. He captures seven Star Spirits and assigns seven parties to guard them. One of them, Eldstar, was given to the party known as the Koopa Bros. Mario goes out to stop Bowser and defeats him and all his minions, freeing all the Star Spirits.

During 2004 Sarasaland, a neighboring desert nation friendly to the Mushroom Kingdom, is invaded by the space invader Tatanga. He hypnotizes her subjects in the country, turning them into his army, and he kidnaps their leader, Daisy. Mario attempts to rescue the princess and liberate Sarasaland. Mario has to travel through each of the four kingdoms that make up Sarasaland, fighting new enemies at the end of each. Every time he defeats of Boss of one of the kingdoms, what appears to be Daisy thanks the hero. However, it turns out that these are simply common enemies disguising as Daisy, forcing Mario to explore another kingdom. In the end Mario finds the real Daisy being held captive by Tatanga. After a long battle in his plane, the Sky Pop, Mario is able to defeat Tatanga and rescue Daisy. The game ends with Mario and Daisy flying away in the Sky Pop.

Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

Mario by now is know for being a brave plumber, a doctor, and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, as well of the Mushroom World by this time. During a race, he fights and defeats the King of Koopas, Bowser. He meets with Sonic and Shadow, and they team up to find the Chaos Emeralds and prevent the evil antagonist, Mecha Sonic from getting them and destroying the whole Mushroom World. He is partnered with his heroic longtime and faithful best friend Yoshi to help him and Luigi, along with his new Hedgehog friends to find the Chaos Emeralds before Mecha Sonic, after Mecha Sonic badly injured Yoshi.

Nintega Ball GTEdit

Sometime after the Events of SMBZ. While Mario is looking for fire wood finds orb with stars on it. Luigi and Mario take to Professor E. Gadd. After studing the Orb he tell them that it is Nintegaball, an old relic from long ago. He gives Mario Nintegaball Radar and they set out to get remaining six. Outside Lab they meet up with Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Peach and Daisy. They head to the Air port and Get in Professor Gadd airship. They set a course for nears Nintegaball. During the ride, Mario explains what the Nintegaball are and why they need to be collected.

The arrive on deserted island and Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Shadow go looking for the Nintegaball. When they find it and getting ready to pick it up, a man in blue (Megaman) tells them to stop and not to collect the Nintegaballs.

After this point it is unknown what happens to him till Mega Sonic Bros. AF

Mega Sonic Bros. AFEdit


Mario's personality has not changed much from the games, and is possibly the least developed of all the heroes due to his lack of speech. He is optimistic, often finding the best in situations and using them to his advantage. He's generally more willing to solve a problem with action rather than analyze the situation. He has a strong sense of justice and morality, often putting the needs of others above his own as shown by his frequent battles against evil. He cares about all the other heroes, and is always willing to help them if they are hurt, even Shadow, who often insults him. He seems to have an overall friendly relationship with Sonic, often teaming up with him in fights, saving him from drowning in the Minus World, attempting to comfort him when he is saddened by Shadow's departure, and checking to make sure that he was okay when he fondly remembers flying with Tails. Mario holds a slight resentment against villains he has encountered before, and holds great resentment against those who hurt innocents, such as the Axem Rangers X. He is the most notable one who is mostly despised by the villains, such as Mecha Sonic and Dr. Eggman.

He does have weaknesses in his personality, in that he is unwilling to allow others to be harmed as a result of his actions.

Early LifeEdit