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Mega Sonic Bros. AF is a animated sprite series created by RPGfan2005 and is a spin-off of the flash series: "Super Mario Bros. Z " by Alvin-Earthworm . The series is non-canon to Super Mario Bros. Z but is based after the events of that series even though it is currently unfinished.

However various contents of the Super Mario Bros. Z have changed in Mega Sonic Bros. AF such as the fact Sonic and Shadow are now able to transform into their Super Forms or teleport even without the use of all Chaos Emeralds. Also other characters like Mario and Luigi can teleport too. Also there is some story changes to SMBZ, as Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Amy, and possibily E-123 Omega are alive in this series, but in SMBZ, they died, so in the Mega Sonic Bros. AF Timeline, the 5 characters that didn't die were revived by the Nintegaballs, since MSBAF takes place after Ness Masta's Nintegaball GT, and the series takes place after the first season of SMBZ. The series like Super Mario Bros. Z takes place in Mario's homeworld Mushroom Kingdom. The series contains diferent teams such as the four main teams, the Sonic Team, Shadow Team, Mario Team, and the X Team.RPGFan2005 has confirmed 3 Saga's (3 Seasons). The 1rst and current Saga is the "Team Saga". The 2nd Saga will be called the "Majin Gaia Saga" (possibly containing Dark and Light Gaia from Sonic Unleashed). The Final Saga is speculated to be called "Baby Saga" but this is only fan speculation, there is currently no information on the 3rd Season.

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