The Time Line for series begins with super mario Bros Z, Nintegaball GT, and then mega Sonic Bros AF. This time was confirmed with the preview of episode 5 part 2/3.

Before Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

Around 1100 BC: Chaos Emeralds are created by a mysterious and ancient race.

815 BC: Pachacamac the Echidna, Tikal the Echidna's father is born.

777 BC: Tikal the Echidna is born.

Legend Age 2: The Meltdown Simpsons Guy and Manny vs Destoroyah

763 BC: Pachacamac is killed by Chaos, the God of Descruction.

1 AD: King Croacus I is born.

444 AD: Prince Croacus dies.

496 AD: King Croacus I wilts/dies at age 195 and Queen Croacus II is born.

1298 AD: Queen Croacus II dies at age 802 and King Croacus III is born.

1385 AD: King Croucus III dies at age 88.

1950: Mario is born.

1952: Luigi is born

1953: Daisy is born.

2006 AD: Ivan Kintobor is born.

3218 AD: Rouge the Bat is born.

Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

Super Mario Bros. Z is created by Alvin-Earthworm. Alvin has comfirmed three Sagas but has only created the first eight episode of the first saga.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - A Goomba finds the blue Emerald. Suddenly, Mecha Sonic rips out of a dimensional gate, kills the Goomba, and takes the blue Emerald. He flies away to start looking for the other Emeralds.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - The 5th Annual Mario Kart Grand Prix gets underway between Mario and Luigi, and Wario and Waluigi. It is interrupted by Bowser, who wants to kidnap Peach and defeat Mario, and Kamek the Magikoopa. The fight between Mario and Bowser begins.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - Sonic and Shadow return to the remains of the Death Egg. They find a blueprint of a capsule capable of protecting them from the possible harm of transdimensional travel and quickly assemble such a capsule. After checking the coordinates of the Emeralds, Sonic and Shadow enter the capsule. Shadow uses his Chaos Control ability to send the capsule containing the two of them to the location of the Emeralds.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - The capsule crosses the dimensional rift between Mobius and the Mushroom Kingdom. Fortunately, it crashes on to Bowser, who was preparing an attack to finally defeat Mario when he was down, stopping his attack. Mario restarts the fight and almost beats Bowser until Kamek the Magikoopa makes Peach a hostage. Sonic and Shadow get out of the capsule and send Kamek flying away. Mario subsequently defeats Bowser by throwing him out of the Mario Kart stadium. Sonic and Shadow meet eye-to-eye with Mario and Luigi.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - Peach and Toadsworth meet Sonic and Shadow. Sonic explains the situation at hand about the Chaos Emeralds. Mario and Luigi agree to help them and, taking Yoshi with them, all four heroes begin their search for the Chaos Emeralds to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Wario and Waluigi, who were eavesdropping on the explanation on the Chaos Emeralds, begin to search for the Chaos Emeralds so that they could be rich.

April 22, 2006 A.D. - Professor E. Gadd learns of the Chaos Emeralds and their abilities. He uses the yellow Emerald he has to begin construction of the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator.

Around April 22, 2006 A.D. - Dr. Eggman pledges allegiance with a recovered Bowser and begins to work for him as a chief scientist. He tells Bowser about the Chaos Emeralds, but Bowser is a bit skeptical. For revenge on Mario, Bowser tells Eggman to build a warship so that it may be used for any plan he may come up with. Bowser also wants Eggman to build a robotic copy of Mario and gives him details and ideas for the outside look.

Around April 22, 2006 A.D. - Dr. Eggman begins construction of the Omega Doomship and Mecha Mario.

April 22, 2006 A.D. -> April 26, 2006 A.D. - The five heroes search high and low for the Chaos Emeralds.

April 23, 2006 A.D. - The Koopa Bros., while out on their free time, learn about the Chaos Emeralds and how it may benefit Bowser, and decide to steal them for him in the hopes of a reward. They learn that Professor E. Gadd has an Emerald, but decide to wait for the right time to steal it. They continue spying on him.

April 23, 2006 A.D. - Construction of the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator is completed. Construction of the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator begins.

April 25, 2006 A.D. - The Axem Rangers X discover that the Chief Yoshi of Yoshi's Island has a mysterious purple gem. From afar, they were able to find out that it was able to generate large amounts of power, perfect for restoring Smithy to full health and more. They disguise themselves as Yoshis and confront the Chief Yoshi, asking to see for the purple Emerald. The Chief Yoshi obliged, and the Axem Rangers X took off their disguises and attacked the island. They took the purple Emerald and enslaved many, but not all, members of the Chief Yoshi's Yoshi tribe to dig for more gems like the purple Emerald.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Yoshi and Luigi find the red Emerald. Mecha Sonic spots them and separates the two heroes. Yoshi, in a vain attempt, tries to keep the red Emerald away from Mecha, but Mecha beats Yoshi to the point of unconsciousness and near-death. Mecha takes the red Emerald and decides to kill Yoshi. Before anything could happen, the four other heroes arrive at the scene and Mecha flees. They take the injured Yoshi back to Mario's house.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Construction of the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator is completed.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Mario treats Yoshi. After a while, Yoshi awakens from his coma. Sonic tells Mario, Luigi, and Peach the story about Mecha Sonic.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Professor E. Gadd rides his Poltergust plane to Mario's house and is followed by the Koopa Bros. He hands over the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator to the heroes. He then shows the yellow Emerald to everyone, but the Koopa Bros. take this opportunity to turn the lights out and steal it. With help from the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator, they track down the Koopa Bros. in an area in the Donut Plains.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow fight against Red Ninjakoopa, Black Ninjakoopa, Yellow Ninjakoopa, and Green Ninjakoopa. The heroes defeat them easily. The Koopa Bros. get up for a final attack on the heroes using their special Koopa Bros. attack. The yellow Emerald activates at this time and gives the attack a major power boost. With one ferocious assault, the heroes are defeated. Yellow Ninjakoopa takes the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator from the heroes and the Koopa Bros. leave with it and the yellow Emerald.

April 26, 2006 A.D. - Being the only one who remained conscious after the assault, Mario carries Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow back to his house.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The Koopa Bros. start their day by using the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator to find another of the Emeralds. They leave for the nearest one; however, they were not able to take the shortest path to the Emerald's location because they were using the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator upside-down, therefore having a fuzzy sense of direction.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow become conscious again. Professor E. Gadd asks Mario about the situation and he tells him that the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator had been stolen by the Koopa Bros. E. Gadd then presents the heroes with the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator. They track the Koopa Bros. to Yoshi's Island. E. Gadd decides to take them to Yoshi's Island and the heroes leave with him. Yoshi secretly sneaks away from Mario's house and follows the heroes.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The part of the Yoshi tribe that did not get enslaved by the Axem Rangers X make a fake copy of the purple Emerald and set up a trap to try to take back their island from them. They then hide in the bushes and trees around the trap area.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The heroes and E. Gadd arrive on Yoshi's Island and they immediately spot the fake purple Emerald. E. Gadd tries to take it. Shadow discovers that the Emerald they are looking at is fake, but before they could do anything, E. Gadd gets caught in the Yoshi tribe's trap. The Yoshi tribe comes out of hiding and ambushes the heroes. The heroes defend themselves easily.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Seeing that the Yoshi tribe members were getting beaten badly, the commander of the ambush, a giant Yoshi called Thunderfoot, decides to take matters into his own hands and attacks Mario. He is about to stab Mario with his spear until Yoshi of the heroes' group saves him. Thunderfoot then proceeds to stab Yoshi, but the Chief Yoshi stops him.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The Chief Yoshi learns that who Thunderfoot was about to stab is Mario, the baby that he had helped get off the island 25 years ago, all grown up. The Chief Yoshi explains the situation of the island to the heroes and they agree to help them. The heroes free all the enslaved tribe members.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The heroes spot the real purple Emerald on the Golden Yoshi Statue. Sonic proceeds to claim it, but Red Ninjakoopa snags it just before he can get to it. While the Koopa Bros. brag to the heroes about the Bros. being better than the heroes, Axem Red steals the purple Emerald from Red Ninjakoopa. The Chief Yoshi tells them that it was the Axem Rangers X who had enslaved the tribe. The soldiers explain the situation with Smithy to the heroes.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - After learning more about the Emeralds and about the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator, the Axem Rangers X challenge the Koopa Bros. and the heroes to a 3-way battle, and the fight begins.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - After being hit by Luigi's Fire Jump Punch, Red Ninjakoopa calls for his scattered teammates to regroup. He tells them about his plan to defeat the two opposing parties in the same way that they had defeated the heroes a day ago: using the yellow Emerald's power and their special Koopa Bros. attack.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Red Ninjakoopa activates the yellow Emerald's power. The activation yields a counterreaction from the red Emerald in Mecha Sonic's possession. Mecha pinpoints the location of the yellow Emerald and discovers that the purple Emerald is also there. Mecha takes off for Yoshi's Island. The 3-way battle continues, unaware of the coming of Mecha Sonic.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Wario and Waluigi arrive on Yoshi's Island after having no luck finding any Emeralds elsewhere. They discover that the 3-way battle is taking place.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - After being chased by the Koopa Bros.'s Emerald-powered special attack, Mario lucks out and the attack is stopped when it hit a wall. Everyone near it is sent flying into the air. Mario, still in the air, gains some control and tussles with Red Ninjakoopa on a rock that had also been sent flying due to the attack. The rock hits a cliff wall, forcing both Mario and Red Ninjakoopa to drop their respective Radars. The GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator is picked up safely by Sonic. The GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator drops near where Wario and Waluigi are hiding and they take it.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Sonic, after having picked up the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator, is ambushed on both sides. Axem Black and Axem Green, using a double-team attack resembling a makeshift buzzsaw, chase Sonic. Shadow ends up being chased as well. Sonic manages to get away from the assault and runs up the island mountains, hoping to rest for a bit. Axem Yellow flies up the other side of the mountains in pursuit. Sonic and Axem Yellow get to the top of the mountain. Axem Yellow tries to hammer Sonic from above, but misses and cracks the mountain Sonic was standing on. Sonic begins to run down the mountain.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Mario is sent flying after an unlikely double-team attack by Axem Red and Red Ninjakoopa. He ends up flying into a Prize Block containing a Fire Flower. He takes it and makes use of its power in exacting his revenge on both adversaries.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Axem Red is hit by Mario's Fireball. After getting back up, Axem Red decides to use extreme force against his opponents. He goes back to the Axem Rangers X's warship, the Blade, and, remembering what he had recently learned about the Chaos Emeralds, inserts the purple Emerald in his possession into the ship's Breaker Beam cannon mouth and begins to charge it using the Emerald.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Sonic continues his descent down the mountain he is on, still being pursued by Axem Yellow. He manages to get away from Axem Yellow, by hitting him from above, causing him to accumulate snow, become a rolling snowball, and roll off the mountain.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The Blade's Breaker Beam finishes charging. Axem Red aims the cannon at the mountains and fires, decimating the mountains and the area near where the Beam hit. The Axem Rangers X are surprised at how much stronger the Breaker Beam is when it is charged with a Chaos Emerald compared to when they last used it and when they met Mario for the first time. Yoshi rescues a flying Sonic and returns him to where the heroes are standing. Axem Red begins to charge the cannon again for another assault. The Chief Yoshi, seeing the situation at hand, begins to gather his tribesmen to evacuate the island.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The Koopa Bros. are also surprised by the Breaker Beam's power. Seeing that the heroes are all lined up like they were before, they decide to show off their power using their Emerald-enhanced special attack again.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Mecha Sonic arrives on Yoshi's Island. He spots the yellow Emerald in the Koopa Bros.'s possession and flies toward them to grab it. The Koopa Bros., who were unaware that Mecha Sonic had spotted them, aims their attack at the heroes and goes to ram them with it. Mecha Sonic flies past where the heroes are and rips through the Koopa Bros.'s special attack easily, taking the yellow Emerald and knocking out all the Koopa Bros.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Mecha Sonic remembers that the purple Emerald is on the island as well. He scans the surroundings for it, finds it in the Breaker Beam cannon mouth, and takes off to get it. The cannon finishes charging. Axem Red, also unaware of Mecha Sonic, aims the cannon at the heroes and fires. Mecha Sonic, coming from a position near the heroes when he took off, withstands the entire Breaker Beam attack, takes the purple Emerald from the cannon mouth and destroys the Blade, sending Axem Red plummeting to the island.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Axem Red orders Mecha Sonic to return the Emeralds he stole. After a refusal, Axem Red orders Axem Yellow to destroy him. Axem Yellow delivers an attack but all the Axem Rangers X are shocked as it dealt no damage. Mecha Sonic, after seeing how the Rangers pale in comparison to him, decides to show his power to them.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Mecha Sonic using the four Emeralds in his possession to power up and transform into his Semi-Super state. He destroys all five Axem Rangers X with ease. He turns his sights on the heroes.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Semi Mecha begins fighting with the heroes. He eventually knocks down Sonic, and quickly takes this opportunity to charge up a shot to kill him. His charging is interrupted by a Fireball from Mario. Semi Mecha decides to go after Mario instead. After a barrage of small Fireballs aimed at Semi Mecha, Mario charges up for a regular one. He fires it at Semi Mecha, but he deflects it away from the vicinity. It lands on Wario's head. Wario begins to run because his head is on fire. Waluigi starts to run away from Wario due to his desire not to be burned by the fire on Wario's head, but since Wario was only running behind him, he had no choice but to keep running. Eventually, both Wario and Waluigi run off a high cliff into the sea and are carried away from the island by the waves.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The battle eventually goes airborne after a simultaneous double Chaos Blast attack from Shadow and Semi Mecha. Semi Mecha eventually knocks Shadow to the ground. Mario tries to attack him while he was focused on Shadow, but Semi Mecha gets behind him, charges up a shot, and fires it in Mario's face. Mario is also sent to the ground, in addition to losing consciousness and his Fire Mario capabilities. Luigi goes to his side.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Semi-Super Mecha Sonic decides that the battle he is having with the heroes is pointless and tells Sonic that he has decided to blow up the island, planning to kill whoever else is on it. Before Sonic can stop him, he takes off for the skies and begins to charge a huge energy ball.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Luigi remembers the Life Shroom that Peach gave him earlier and gives it to Mario. The revived Mario notices the energy ball to destroy the island. He looks around for anything that can help and finds a Prize Block containing a Starman. Mario decides to use the item with Sonic and goes to tell him about his plan.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - The Chief Yoshi finishes gathering his tribesmen all together but loses hope when he sees the energy ball. Mario tells Sonic about his plan and they both absorb the Starman's power. Sonic turns into his Super Sonic form and Mario becomes invincible. Super Sonic and Mario fly towards Semi Mecha and ram him by combining their powers, causing Semi Mecha to lose grip of the four Emeralds in his possession and to turn back into his normal form. Super Sonic quickly catches the falling Emeralds and begins to charge an attack to destroy the weakened Mecha Sonic when the Starman's power runs out on both him and Mario. He turns back into his normal form and plummets to the ground with Mario.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Mecha Sonic, seeing his incompleted energy ball and his condition, decides to retreat. He delivers a swift kick to the energy ball, sending it hurtling toward the island, and flies away. Sonic quickly tosses Shadow the purple Emerald.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - Shadow uses his Chaos Control ability to warp everyone nearby to safety. The unconscious Koopa Bros. are not so lucky to be near Shadow and they are killed and obliterated with everything left on Yoshi's island when the energy ball hits it and destroys it.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - After getting everyone in order, the Chief Yoshi leaves the heroes with his tribe to find a new home. E. Gadd also decides that it's time for him to head back home. He tells them about a communication device equipped on the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator used to contact the heroes during their search for the Emeralds.

April 27, 2006 A.D. - E. Gadd asks Mario to return to him the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator. Mario looks around in his pockets and doesn't find it. Sonic believes that it was likely destroyed along with Yoshi's Island when the energy ball hit and that it's no reason for alarm as he reasons that there was no one else on Yoshi's Island besides themselves, the Yoshi Tribe, the Koopa Bros., the Axem Rangers X, and Mecha Sonic who could have taken it.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - Kammy Koopa returns to Bowser's castle after having found out from spies working for him that the Koopa Bros. had been killed and that Yoshi's Island had been destroyed. She is also informed of Mario and Sonic's quest in finding the Chaos Emeralds. She tells Bowser the news, and upon hearing about the Chaos Emeralds and that Mario had four of them, Bowser remembers Dr. Eggman's story about them, and formulates a plan to use Peach as ransom for the Emeralds. He calls in Ludwig, Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, Roy, Morton, Larry, and Bowser Jr. and tells them to prepare for an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. He also tells Kammy to go help his children get ready while he goes to check on Eggman's progress on the two things he had requested from him.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - Dr. Eggman shows the progress on the Omega Doomship to Bowser. He says that he wants to construct a proper defense system to the ship before it is launched, but Bowser tells him of his plan to use Peach as ransom for the Chaos Emeralds and that Mario had already acquired four of them, and Eggman agrees to follow Bowser's plan. Eggman then reveals the completed Mecha Mario. Bowser is delighted to see it.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - The heroes, after taking a short break to recover from the ordeal on Yoshi's Island, track down an Emerald to the area known as the Pipe Plains, and make their way over, not knowing that they themselves are being tracked and followed by Wario and Waluigi using the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulatorFinderLocatorrator that they picked up. When the heroes get there, E. Gadd contacts them on the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator and learns their situation. He then decides to send Stuffwell to assist Mario and Luigi again.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - Stuffwell is machine-teleported over to the Pipe Plains after E. Gadd tells him the objectives and situation of the heroes. He introduces himself to Sonic and Shadow, then takes a look at the coordinates of the Emerald on the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator, and deduces that it is underground. However, since the field they are in contains a large amount of pipes, Stuffwell searches for and finds the best pipe to enter to begin searching. The heroes take that pipe to the underground Pipe Maze, with Wario and Waluigi following shortly after.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - Upon entering the Pipe Maze, Mario and Stuffwell check the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator to find that the Emerald's signal is unclear, showing around thirty signals. Stuffwell reasons that because they cannot rely on the GBC ChaosEgaddularRadulator to find the Emerald now, the best option would be to split up into groups to look. Shadow decides to go on his own, but Sonic quietly sends Yoshi and Luigi to secretly supervise Shadow so that he does not get into any trouble that he cannot handle. Mario, Sonic, and Stuffwell go in the other direction.

April 28, 2006 A.D. - Wario and Waluigi arrive in the Maze and begin to search around as well. Eventually, they see Mario heading into a pipe and follow him, thinking they could snatch anything he may find, but run into a powerful bomb instead. They are blown out of the Pipe Maze and land unconscious outside in the Plains.

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Nintegaball GTEdit

Nintegaball GT is created by NessMasta. This series has been on hold for +4 years after the first episode was released. NessMasta is stated that he is switching from sprite to Anime style of work.

Mega Sonic Bros. AF Edit

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Waluigi and Rosalina vs Shrek Forever After and King Fu Panda: Shifu

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